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  • 02/10/2021
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Behavioral rules for your health and safety

Federazione Ciclistica Italiana

Athletes, coaches, judges and officials, representatives of the foreign press and accompanying people from abroad may enter Italian territory to take part in sporting events of national interest recognised by the CONI (The Italian National Olympic Committee) ( www.coni.it/images/elezioni_CONI/FCI___EVENTI_E_COMPETIZIONI_DI_LIVELLO_AGONISTICO_preminente_interesse_nazionale_11_02_2021.pdf) in accordance with national legislation, as indicated below by the Sports Department: http://www.sport.governo.it/it/emergenza-covid-19/avvisi-precedentiavviso-del-4-marzo-2021/ .

In accordance with the guidelines for the filming of collective events, the White, Yellow and Green competition areas will be recognisable and marked by appropriate signs (see photo). The access to the competition areas is allowed only and exclusively to the personnel indicated in the guidelines and according to the present signage.

The competition areas will be guarded by the staff of the Organisation, who will also ensure that the indicated compulsory safety devices are used correctly and that the correct behaviour is maintained inside the event areas, under penalty of exclusion.

In order to be accredited for entry to the competition areas, athletes and accompanying persons must download the specific forms (athlete/accompanying person/general manager) which can be found on the official competition website www.elbaisland2021.org/covid19.asp .

Athletes, technicians, judges and the race officials, representatives of the foreign press and foreign staff, all coming from the European countries must show the European green pass or PCR test done in the last 48 hours.

For non-European countries it is necessary to show the pass issued by their own country, with the well-readable relevant data and the dates of validity of vaccinations, or as an alternative a PCR test.

The test or green pass valid for the duration of the event in paper form at the Municipal Gym is to be presented before the accreditation.

The previously completed forms must be handed in in paper form to the Covid Committee, where the staff will take care of the census of the person, the measurement of the body temperature, if required by law (max 37.5°) and the delivery of the identification bracelets, which must necessarily be worn, in order to access the yellow and green competition areas.

Please note that the body temperature can be measured by sample by the personnel in charge, even during repeated entrances to the competition areas; maximum cooperation is requested in this regard, avoiding unnecessary quarrels and discussions.

Inside the competition areas it is compulsory to wear correctly the safety device (mask), as indicated by the signs presented, the staff will remind you repeatedly the correct behaviour.

It should be noted that by virtue of the continuous evolution of the rules, compared to the current pandemic situation from Covid-19, the above information may undergo significant changes, that will be promptly communicated through official announcements of the Organizing Committee.

The Organizing Committee has set up a Covid area in the first aid centre to handle any situation of presumed case of infection. The health staff will carry out the tests, for the verification and management of the cases.

At the Lazzeri pharmacy in Capoliveri, www.farmacialazzeri-elba.com/contatti/  , there will be the possibility of booking on payment, an antigen test valid for 48 hours, for those who do not have one.

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