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  • 02/10/2021
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The Elba Island is the WORLD epicenter of the 2021 Mountain Bike Marathon

Capoliveri 12.06.2020

The UCI has confirmed the Italian candidacy, the island of Elba will be the 2021 World Marathon.

The renunciation of Colombia had opened a window. The ASD Capoliveri Bike Park and the Elba Island, which was on the list for the organization of one of the next editions of the most important event for the MTB Marathon worldwide, thanks to the support of the Italian Cycling Federation, in the the person of the President Renato Di Rocco and the Off-road Structure, with the support of the Municipality of Capoliveri, the Council of Mayors of the Associated Management for Elban Tourism and the Tuscany Region, were ready to be found. Thanks also to the credits acquired in ten years of evolution of the Capoliveri Legend Cup, with the last four as the UCI Marathon Series International event, in the end he won it among various candidates.
"I am pleased to have teamed up with the FCI Off-Road sector, which played a fundamental role as guarantor and we are happy to have achieved this important goal." These are the words of the Federal President Renato Di Rocco.
The satisfaction of the ASD Capoliveri Bike Park and of all the institutions that have supported it in recent years and of those who have taken over for this "special event" was great.
Even the Mayor of Capoliveri, Andrea Gelsi, after the consultation of the Elban mayors, expressed his satisfaction: “I thank all the passion and commitment of the guys of the Capoliveri Bike Park in recent years, with this result we are crowning a common dream. Capoliveri and the entire Island of Elba must be proud of this undertaking. "
Touching, full of pride, satisfaction and emotion, the words of the President of the Capoliveri Bike Park, Maurizio Melis:
"Today is a special day, WE at the Bike Park would never have hoped for all this at our constitution. We are very tried, but the earthquake of recent years and these last days, has led us to be WORLDWIDE! We are happy that those who believed in US has received and wanted all this! We thank everyone, absolutely everyone, for not forgetting anyone. "
The Island of Elba is a true tourist, seaside and sports paradise nestled in the Unesco MaB Tuscan Archipelago Biosphere Reserve. The World Marathon will be a showcase in which all this will be shown to the whole world.
The Island of Elba will be ready and will offer an unprecedented event, with a unique formula, never proposed for the Marathon, a format that, thanks to its spectacularity, will capture the attention of the media around the world.

Stay Tuned…...

2021 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships 2021 - Elba Island - Tuscany - Italy


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