• Capoliveri, Elba Island
  • 02/10/2021
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The logo is official, now it’s truly time for the 2021 UCI MTB Marathon World Championship

Capoliveri, 22.02.2021

The last official step has been carried out. The 2021 UCI MTB Marathon World Championship – Elba Island – Tuscany – Italy is launched with the making official of the logo. Nevertheless, behind this event there is also history, work and poetry…

With the beginning of the new spring Elba starts again. However, the guys and girls of the amateur sports club Capoliveri Bike Park never stopped.

Volunteers are already on the tracks with shovels, rakes and pickaxes to clear up the paths. 2021 will be the year of the sunshine after the storm. It will be the year of 2021 UCI MOUNTAIN BIKE MARATHON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – ELBA ISLAND – TUSCANY – ITALY.

The competition is planned for 2 October. The logo has been approved and made official by the International Cycling Union.

A simple logo, like the people of Elba, who have a passion for mountain bikes and have been dreaming for twelve years of the word “WORLD”.

Yes, a decade of passion, voluntary work, love for one’s own region. The best logos are not the shiniest, but those that strike the right chords in the hearts of those at which they are aimed. With one look you understand where you are and with whom you are dealing. Simplicity, beauty and hard work. The word UCI written large and visible. That means gratitude, security and satisfaction. Then that drawing with those colours, chosen for this adventure by the Bike Park group. That large circle which resembles the sun, red like the earth of the mines, that have known true labour. The real sun, the blue of the sea and a biker that zooms past over the imaginary waves of the paths and woods of the island of Elba, on Monte Calamita, a magnetic place where the World Cup will take place.

From the top of the mountain amongst vineyards and oaks, broom and fragrant plants, surrounded by the colours and intoxicating smells of the mediterranean vegetation. Then down, after a few minutes you are on the shore of the sea with your pedals brushing past the water. Then up, climbing again and immersing yourself in winding but safe paths, prepared by working men and women, who for a large part of the year dedicate to it every free moment from their jobs. Ever happy, aware of doing “a great thing”. Sure, there is no lack of hard work, but we are talking about the heirs of those who worked in the iron mines and who then went on to the vineyards and the fields to sow through the “little streets” and muletracks, today the “harvest” and patrimony of the Bike Park.

A seed planted in 2009, when the idea was born, the challenge of about twenty friends – the founding members – to allow everyone to relive the emotions of a race that is still talked about today, a quarter of a century later: a leg of the 1994 World Cup on the island of Elba, a “legendary” race.

The Capoliveri Legend Cup has been this challenge, an event that sees today thousands of bikers participating, who dream of joining at least once a race that has allowed us to cultivate the World Cup dream on the island of Elba.

Each year a new step, and now the question that the guys and girls of the Elba Bike Park ask themselves is: “Shall we try to find out if we are ready to organise a World Championship?”

The organisation has already started. The UCI has approved, the bikers have already tested it, the pride and the system of the island of Elba are pushing the people to do things right.

On 2 October 2021 there will be the UCI MTB MARATHON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – ELBA ISLAND – TUSCANY – ITALY. This is an official logo that represents a path: the one of the World Championship MTB Marathon, which will pass history, natural beauty, humanity and the luck of a small people, conscious of possessing a small corner of paradise.

In the end, everyone will turn back to their own duties and work as if nothing happened, but conscious of having given everything in the hope of presenting “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SPECTACLE IN THE WORLD”. 


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