• Capoliveri, Elba Island
  • 02/10/2021
  • info@elbaisland2021.org

2021 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships: a dream course!

Elba Island, 29.06.2021

The 2nd of October, we are welcoming bikers from all over the world, there will be a hard, spectacular and exciting course.

The island of Elba (Tuscany) – The ASD Capoliveri Bike Park, the club which organises the 2021 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championship – Elba Island – Tuscany - Italy, has  finished the new sections that will form part of the course. On Saturday 2 October 2021 the rainbow jersey for the categories of Man and n Woman will be awarded.

The new course will have a climb, followed by a 35 km lap, to be repeated three times for the men and two times for the women,  and the course will finish at the Corso Italia in Capoliveri.

 Many champions have had already the opportunity to try the course and the same judgement has been made: “A very tough and selective track, which will prove the skills of the riders endowed with endurance but also with good technique, surely a course for real bikers.”

 It surely will be a spectacular 2021 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championship, with a fantastic course, on a unique island, completely surrounded by the sea, with incredible contrasts of colour, but the course will be definitely very tough. One thing is certain: whoever wins the 2021 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championship, will surely be a great champion, with exceptional skills!


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