• Capoliveri, Elba Island
  • 02/10/2021
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The Organizing Team

The A.S. Capoliveri Bike Park Amateur Sports Association was born at the end of 2009 and since 2010 organizes the mountain bike race, called "Capoliveri Legend Cup".

The race track is one of the main point of the event, much appreciated by all bikers who ride it, both amateur and agonist. Each year it is prepared by the staff and studied to discover the most hidden and fascinating areas of the territory, where the Capoliveri Bike Park stands with its permanent routes of all levels, which trace our history of iron miners.

The growth of the Capoliveri Legend Cup over time since its first edition, born as a challenge as a simple Gran Fondo Point to Point and now included in the most important national MTB circuits, in 2014 was transformed into an XC Marathon national race that allows the race to join the XCM Marathon Tour circuit organized by the Italian Cycling Federation.

In 2016, thanks to the experience gained by the Organizing Committee and the trust placed by the FCI, the "Legend" was included in the official calendar of the UCI MTB XC Marathon Series.

This is the history of “The Legend”:

  • 1. 2010 - I° edition Capoliveri Legend Cup Gran Fondo point to Point Class;
  • 2. 2011/2013 - II°/III°/IV° edition Capoliveri Legend Cup - Gran Fondo point to point top Class;
  • 3. 2014/2015 - V° / V° Capoliveri Legend Cup XC Marathon Nazionale and XCM Marathon Tour FCI;
  • 4. 2016 - VII° Capoliveri Legend Cup - UCI MTB XC Marathon Series Class C3 - XC Marathon Tour FCI - UCI Mountain Bike Department 2016 quality certificate;
  • 5. 2017 – VIII° edition Capoliveri Legend Cup - UCI MTB XC Marathon Series Class C3;
  • 6. 2018 - IX° edition Capoliveri Legend Cup - UCI MTB XC Marathon Series Class C3;
  • 7. 2019 - X° Capoliveri Legend Cup Anniversary - UCI MTB XC Marathon Series Class C3;
  • 8. 2020 – XI° Capoliveri Legend Cup Eleven Edition - UCI MTB XC Marathon Series Class C3 – MTB Marathon Italian Championships - UCI Mountain Bike Department 2020 quality certificate;
  • 9. 2021 – I° Capoliveri Legend XCO – MTB Internazionali d’Italia Serie – Class UCI C1 – Italian Winter Gran Prix 2021.

The "Anniversary" edition in 2019 was the "Record" edition!! Every year the Organizing Committee, also thanks to the logistical support provided by the Municipal administration, always manages to increase the number of members and reach the pre-set registration limit (2600 riders), established to guarantee quality and management standards for all participants.

The Location let the organization of a long weekend also dedicated to collateral events, in order to offer a wider choice of activities and shows also for the numerous accompanying athletes and their families. The additional events are able to triple the presences on our territory.

The Capoliveri Legend Cup was in 2019 among the top three most participated Marathons in Italy and is in the hearts of thousands of fans and a fixed appointment on their race calendar.

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